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"I've never had the privilege of working with someone who can do what they do and it's a total game changer!"

- Jacob Jaffke, Producer ( 'X' / 'Pearl' )


Toothfish Ltd is Wellington's foremost collective of Onset Workflow Engineers. Assembled in 2019 to develop a groundbreaking monitoring and playback system for James Cameron's Avatar sequels. Our team were the first in the world to deploy a 4K HDR HFR 3D onset ecosystem. Today our mission is to make these revolutionary tools available to all productions, regardless of size or budget.

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The best tools are nothing without the right people to drive them.

At Toothfish, we believe in quality over quantity. We try to focus our attention on one production at a time, ensuring that you get access to our very best people. This means that you can deal with one key technician, from your initial consultation right through to the end of principal photography and beyond.

No other service provider can match the breadth of technical experience held by our team. Mocap, Motion Control, Stereography, VR, Virtual Production... we've done it all.


After graduating from Victoria University with a BA (Film Studies major) and Avalon Film and TV School, Rohan began a freelance career in television, shooting live multicamera events.  When the original Avatar began shooting in Wellington, Rohan was called in to provide technical expertise for the Video department, and he continued that with the Hobbit trilogy.  Since then, Rohan joined Weta Digital's world-renowned on set Motion Capture/ Simulcam team as their Senior Video Engineer and helped revolutionize virtual production workflow on some of Weta's most successful titles.

Rohan is an proud father of two growing boys.


Brendan has earned a Masters of Electronic Arts and a BA(Honours) in Screen Arts from Australia's Curtin University. Relocating to New Zealand to work on The Hobbit trilogy, Brendan spent six years as a Nuke artist at Park Road Post before switching to their onset Video Playback team.

When the Park Road Video dept was disbanded Brendan went freelance, expanding his skills as a DIT and Colourist.

He also has experience in Stereography, Live-action VR photography and Motion Control Operation.

Outside of his film work Brendan is a Padi Divemaster and keen Underwater Photographer.




We handle all aspects of the onset workflow:

-Monitoring and Playback



-Data Management

-Onset Streaming

-Remote Streaming

  and more...

We have offices in Miramar, Avalon and soon Trentham. If you're shooting in the Wellington region we're probably just around the corner. So get in touch today. With one consultation, all of your productions technical concerns can be solved.

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